Journey Beyond Thought

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Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind – Raymond Karczewski

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Simple, Profound, Soul-serving…

Join the author, Raymond Karczewski, in a journey that very few people have taken, one that is almost impossible for the average person nowadays because of the clutter that our civilized world creates around us.  Having already taken this journey, Raymond is your guide in seeking the understanding of life and finding the unfettered Truth in a confusing world:

  • Can you really be free in a world filled with fear, hatred, and confusion?
  • Other people’s happiness and contentment – it all just an illusion?
  • Defy your self-imposed barriers.
  • Escape the traps that are Government, Religion, and sometimes even family.
  • Free yourself of your conditioned mind.
  • See life as it is, not how you’ve been led to believe it is.
  • Observe Truth ‘Within’ and ‘Without';  realize that doubts and limitations are a thing of the past – that they are, and were an illusion in the first place.  Do THAT, and the Truth shall set you free.

There is only one Truth, the truth of what is.  Once you see it, the world of man ceases to have control over you;  you are a free man, a free woman, a sovereign child of God.  It can be a difficult journey to take, but one that is well worth your time.

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